Solar Commercial

Solar PV, providing renewable electricity for you business, is becoming more and more popular with businesses wanting to save money on energy and cut their carbon footprint.

Please contact MyLOW Carbon Limited to find out what options are available to you and remember, panels can go on your roof, in your car park without losing any spaces, or elsewhere in your grounds.

Two ways of getting Panels Installed

  1. You pay for the panels yourself from profits or take out a business loan to pay for them.  If you have the funds to pay yourself then you will get the greatest monetary benefit as you will pay them off over several years and then you will have free electricity from that point onwards for the life of the panels. 
  2. You let someone else pay all the upfront and maintenance costs and you pay a lower “per unit” price for electricity than you would have paid from the grid, happy in the knowledge you have also cut your carbon footprint.  This is achieved through a Power Purchase Agreement – ask us about it.

So what’s the Process?

  1. We identify that your roof is suitable for panels, checking roof size, orientation and shading.
  2. We establish that you own the building or you have the owner’s permission to put up panels.
  3. We find out what your electricity usage is to make sure that you will save money by putting up panels – if you are a very low user then panels do not always make financial sense.
  4. We get our installation partner MyLOWCarbon Limited to come and do a Technical Survey and they will then produce a Quotation for you so you know exactly how much everything will cost.
  5. If you decide to go ahead then MyLOWCarbon Limited will come and install the panels for you.