Community Solar Project

MyLOW Carbon – a new Community Project starting in the Midlands

From Jan 2020 through to Jan 2023 we set up 22 towns on a Community Solar scheme in the South of England, saving communities money, 357 tonnes of carbon per annum, and helped hundreds of people towards a more secure electric future. 

Having moved to the Midlands we are now seeking to do a similar thing, guiding communities through the solar minefield from enquiry to installation. 

Go to for details and contact information.

In the previous scheme we were just involved in the marketing. In this new scheme we will be involved in the whole process, from first enquiries through to installation and beyond, working with MyLOW Carbon Limited.

What is the scheme?

In essence it has 7 elements:

  1. A preferential price versus a standalone quote
  2. A bespoke design for each property and the owners circumstances, including optional extras
  3. A ring fenced scaffolding resource reducing delays
  4. Short lead times for installations, in weeks rather than months
  5. A next-door-neighbour offer, with a further discount for both properties
  6. Carbon savings through displacement of grid supplied electricity
  7. A Community Fund donation for each installation

How can I get Involved in the MyLOW Carbon Community Scheme?

If you think your community would benefit from the MyLOW Carbon Community Scheme then please contact us here by email or contact form .  We can set up meetings with your local council and action groups and create an information evening for your community with ideas and discussions on how to reduce your community’s carbon footprint.  There is no cost involved to either action groups or Councils in getting the Community Scheme up and running – so there’s nothing to stop you saving carbon and money today.