About Us

Andy Tunstall, Director

Andy has a master’s degree in renewable technologies and is personable and easy to talk to. He is passionate about green issues and wants to help and inform people so they can make the best choices for their businesses, homes and their lives. Andy was also a Director for the Reading Hydro CBS Community Project in 2019 and 2020, and successfully raised the money to build a hydro-electricity scheme on the Weir at Reading for the benefit of the community. He is no longer a director as his main function was to raise the money and get it working, and he has also moved away from the area.

He has worked in Marketing all his business life for large blue chip companies in the energy and utilities sectors and he is an expert in finding out what your company needs to do to increase sales.

Contact Andy here: Andy.Tunstall@TheGreenGroupUK.com


Andy Tunstall, Director

Cat Noble, Director

Cat is passionate about communication and wants to help businesses convey the Green Message in an easy to understand way. A lot of renewable energy installers are excellent at what they do, but sometimes their communication with their customers is lacking.

If you are a business or school that wants to go green but you don’t know where to start then contact us and we can set you on the way to a greener tomorrow. There are often grants available to help you go green and we can explore these with you.

Cat has had her own Training Company in the past, offering training in communication, team building, management training and effective software use.

She said, “The Climate Emergency we find ourselves in means that we must make changes in our lives to secure a future for ourselves, our children and the planet as a whole. We must help people to understand what actions they can take in their own lives to bring about a greener world.”

Contact Cat here: Cat.Noble@TheGreenGroupUK.com

Cat Noble, Director