Community Solar Project – Solar Streets

What is Solar Streets?

Solar streets is a community and local council partnership with ourselves delivering quality low cost solar pv installations to whole communities. The Green Group is partnered with IDDEA, a solar provider, established in 2008.

We currently have 24 Solar Streets schemes running in the South of England, from Frome and Wells in the South West, through West Berkshire into Oxfordshire and up to St Albans, Thame and High Wycombe. We have new schemes coming onboard all the time with this hugely successful solar community scheme. We are also looking to expand Solar Streets into other parts of the country, so don’t despair if you’re not in the South of England – contact to see if your town or community is eligible. Check out the website at

Compare our deal with the average price quoted below by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent and impartial organisation focused on energy saving :

“The average domestic solar PV system is 3.5kWp and costs around 
£5,500 “

*only available at this price in the “Solar Streets” package and dependent on whether your property is suitable for solar panels – there are many things that determine this and you will be given a free, no obligation, quotation to make sure everything is suitable before we continue – prices correct at Feb2023

How does it Work?

  • The community gets together and thinks that several people may want to install solar panels on a number of properties
  • They want to make a difference by creating a smaller carbon footprint and doing something positive in this Climate Emergency while, at the same time, saving money on their electric bills
  • Because there are several properties to install the panels on and they are in a tight geographical area we can save money by placing a large order for panels and being able to dismantle and move the scaffolding (which is a large part of the installation cost) a short distance to the next property, as well as keeping the travel costs of the installers to a minimum
  • If you think there’s not enough of you, don’t worry, we work with local community action groups and local councils to promote the scheme and raise awareness and help communities to be better informed about energy efficiency

The partnership

  • Working with local councils to be proactive in their Climate Emergency Declaration and help communities become carbon neutral by 2030
  • Working closely with local action groups to promote the scheme and raise awareness
  • Run free information evenings where attendees can learn more about the scheme through presentations and Q&A sessions before any commitment
  • Donate £50 per installation to a community renewable energy project (like solar panels on a village hall or other community building, or providing free energy saving lightbulbs, etc)

The offer

  • Free no obligation survey
  • Approximately 25% reduction on the average cost of Solar PV system, fully installed.
  • Advice on extra equipment to maximise savings such as batteries, water heaters, and monitors
  • Advice on general household energy efficiency and ways to reduce bills and carbon emissions

How can I get Solar Streets?

  • If you think your community would benefit from the Solar Streets initiative then please contact and we can set up meetings with your local council and action groups and create an information evening for your community with ideas and discussions on how to reduce your community’s carbon footprint.