School Offer

This is a Government time limited offer – so please get in touch with as soon as possible if you’re interested in saving money for your school or college – it won’t cost you a penny!

Calling all State Schools, Academies, Further Education Colleges, and Universities

Did you know the Government has a new scheme that can help you decarbonise your buildings?  The Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) is open to various public sector entities but includes state schools, academies, further education colleges and universities.

There is £1 Bn available in grants which are directed at decarbonising heat and producing electricity via renewable generation.  To qualify for the grants these criteria must be met:

  • The project must save money and reduce carbon emissions
  • All applications must be received by 11th January 2021
  • The installation date was stated as March 2021.  However, we have just discovered that Schools can extend their installation date/full completion date to Sept 2021 to take advantage of the School Holidays – this is great news!

There is no maximum to each individual bid and application is via an online site.

It is a complicated process and you can apply for it directly, but we can provide a complete solution by:

  • Auditing your existing energy usage and calculating your carbon emissions
  • Proposing costed and designed solutions for low carbon generation (usually Solar PV) and low carbon heat (various options, all electrically powered)
  • Helping you with the application
  • Managing the projects

We only make a charge if the grant is successful and our fees are then covered by the grant so there is absolutely no cost to you at all.

In summary, we are offering to help you to Decarbonise your school and meet Climate Emergency targets quickly, at zero cost.  Once installed, these systems will give you a huge saving on energy costs  to ensure you invest more in the education of your students.

However, it is a very short deadline for application and we will have to move quickly because there is a large amount of preparatory work to do.

So get in touch with us asap so we can help you benefit from this sizeable Government handout.

Andy Tunstall
07866 603731